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cropped-figure_08_05-copy.jpgMiners drill into the rock at the Sub Nigel East Gold Mine, South Africa 1961. (Ron Stone/Fox Photos/Getty Images)


Air Raid Wardens in Radiation SuitsAtomic air raid wardens. Bonn, Germany, 1954 (Bettmann/Corbis).



ReactorSurfingWindsurfers in front of the cooling towers at the Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux nuclear plant in France, 1979. (EDF Photothèque)



(FILES) Picture taken 23 February 2005 sUranium worker in Niger, 2005. (Pierre Verdy/Getty Images)



Africans Carry Signs Protesting Nuclear WeaponsProtest in Accra (Ghana) against French nuclear testing in Algeria, September 1960. (Bettmann/Corbis)


Figure_02_3a copyAerial prospecting for uranium in Madagascar, 1950s. (Cogéma)