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Public writing

“Human Crap,” Aeon, 25 March 2020.

“Does Chernobyl Still Matter?” Public Books, 22 November 2019.

“Air in the Time of Oil,” LA Review of Books, 21 January 2019.

“The African Anthropocene,” Aeon, 6 February 2018.

Academic writing

“Interscalar Vehicles for the African Anthropocene: On Waste, Temporality, and Violence,” Cultural Anthropology 33 (1, 2018): 109-141.

“Confronting African Histories of Technology: A Conversation with Keith Breckenridge and Gabrielle Hecht,” with David Serlin, Radical History Review 127 (January 2017): 87-102.

“AHR Conversation: History after the End of History: Reconceptualizing the Twentieth Century,” with Manu Goswami, Adeeb Khalid, Anna Krylova, Elizabeth F. Thompson, Jonathan R. Zatlin, and Andrew Zimmerman, American Historical Review 121, no. 5 (December 2016): 1567-1607.

 “Nuclear Janitors: Contract Workers at the Fukushima Reactors and Beyond,” The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol 11, Issue 1, No. 2, January 14, 2012.

“The Work of Invisibility: Radiation Hazards and Occupational Health in South African Uranium Production,” International Labor and Working Class History 81 (Spring 2012): 94-113.

“Hopes for the Radiated Body: Uranium Miners and Transnational Technopolitics in Namibia,” Journal of African History 51:2 (June 2010): 213-234.

Gabrielle Hecht and Paul N. Edwards, “History and the Technopolitics of Identity: The Case of Apartheid South Africa,” Journal of Southern African Studies 36:3 (September 2010): 619-639.

“The Power of Nuclear Things,” Technology and Culture 51 (January 2010): 1-30.

“Africa and the Nuclear World: Labor, Occupational Health, and the Transnational Production of Uranium,” Comparative Studies in Society and History, 51/4 (October 2009): 896-926.

“Nuclear Ontologies,” Constellations 13:3 (September 2006): 320-331.

“Negotiating Global Nuclearities: Apartheid, Decolonization, and the Cold War in the making of the IAEA,” in John Krige and Kai-Henrik Barth, eds., Global Power Knowledge: Science, Technology, and International Affairs, in Osiris 21 (July 2006): 25-48.

“Rupture-talk in the Nuclear Age: Conjugating Colonial Power in Africa,” Social Studies of Science 32:5-6 (October-December 2002): 691-728.

“Rebels and Pioneers: Technocratic Ideologies and Social Identities in the French Nuclear Workplace, 1955-1969,” Social Studies of Science 26:3 (August 1996): 483-530.

“Political Designs: Nuclear Reactors and National Policy in Postwar France,” Technology and Culture (October 1994): 657-685.

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